The card game

 Changing individual constraints, here: the attentional focus. Focusing on the next point can be difficult. This game can help players to focus only on the next point. Each player is given a set of playing cards und turns over the top card without showing it to the other player. Whatever the number on the card is, that is the number of points required to win the match. The partner does the same. Neither side informs the opponent until the winning point has been scored. (found in Jia Yi Chow et al. Nonlinear pedagogy in skill acquisation, p 157)

The dice

Changing indivual constraints by coping with emotions:

Very often, especially young players are not able to deal with being behind in the score. They let their heads hang down and give up. In this game the player’s emotion is manipulated. Both players dice before the match. The result of their dices is the current score.

Variations: play up to 10 points, ball is played in by the coach; always on the same player; on the player who is behind in the score; play with service; play a matchtiebreak, starting with the dice score; play a set to six, starting with the dice score…

Wide focus

„With explicit instructions by the coaches, children can not perceive all relevant informations. A close attentional focus is the consequence; good and possibly better solutions are overlooked and the divergent thinking is impaired from the start. On the other hand, learning by discovering without instructions allows a wide attentional focus (implicit/differential/action approach/deliberate coaching, FH).“ (Henseling, M./Maric, R.: Fußball durch Fußball. Göttingen 2015) Wide focus weiterlesen

Deliberate play

„For children in the age between six and eleven years, it has been demonstrated in various studies that their game intelligence – and thus their strategic and tactical understanding – are strongly developed if they do not specialize in a sport at an early stage. Instead, when the practice in different sportsgames without instructions (deliberate play)“. (Henseling, M./Maric, R.: Fußball durch Fußball. Göttingen 2015) Deliberate play weiterlesen

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