Different ways to go

Differential learning, forehand, dito backhand, dito volley.
Player is starting in the hoop. In the setting he hits the ball and goes back to the hoop, following the red mark.

Variation: mark in front, mark in the back, different starting positions in the hoop; ballthrow from different positions; ballfeed with racket from different positions;…

No explicit advice about stroke technique; high intensity; using stage of fatigue; no repetition, setting additional targets: net high/low; targets on the other court-side; …


Talk talk talk – not so much

„Tennistraining ist häufig davon bestimmt, dass der Coach redet. Eines der Themen von Lernen ist jedoch, dass das Verhältnis von Reden zu Zuhören und Beobachten sich so ändern muss, dass von Coaches deutlich weniger geredet und viel mehr zugehört werden muss“.

„Tennis practice is often about the talking coach, but one of the topics of learning is that the ratio of talking to listening and watching needs to change so much that coaches need to talk less and listen much more“.

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