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Focus on the score

Great book about Tennis psychology with a lot of drills. Most of them can be used in a constraints led approach. The following drill sets constraints by changing the rules for counting points. (Miguel Crespo, Machar Reid: Tennis Psychology, 200 + practical drills and the latest research. London 2006)

Players play points from the baseline:
-the first point played counts as 1 point
-the second and third point count as 2 points each
-the fourth and fifth point count as 3 points each
-the sixth and the seventh point count as 4 points each
-the eighth and ninth points played count as 5 points each
-the tenth point played counts as 6 points.
Players play 2 sets of 10 points. The same player serves throughout the set.


Implizites motorisches Lernen im Tennis…

Ein interessanter Beitrag von Tim Buszard, Machar Reid, Damian Farrow und Rich Masters  zum Impliziten motorischen Lernen! Spannend und auch mit Zählen… 😉  (allerdings rückwärts und von 150). Veröffentlicht in der ITF COACHING AND SPORTS SCIENCE REVIEW, ISSUE 60, AUGUST 2013, S. 5f