Pressure and constraints

Whats that good for?
Differential learning, constraints, pressure, psychology,… Your ideas? #differentiallearning #constraints #psychologie #tennis #coaching #tms

The plan: differential learning, psychological coaching, changing constraints, changing scoring, changing first ball. Constraint: field size, „play the ball over the yellow line“


  • constraint only on one side
  • same constrains on both sides
  • different constraints on both sides
  • coach is playing balls in
  • players play the ball in (first ball in the middle)
  • different position of the yellow line
  • volley and smash can be played in the whole court
  • with service, only one player is serving
  • with service, normal game
  • with service, matchtiebreak
  • play until one player has eleven points, than play a second set, counting backwards from the final score (f.e. 11:4, A needs now 11 points, B 4 points to win). You need both sets for winning.