Wide focus

„With explicit instructions by the coaches, children can not perceive all relevant informations. A close attentional focus is the consequence; good and possibly better solutions are overlooked and the divergent thinking is impaired from the start. On the other hand, learning by discovering without instructions allows a wide attentional focus (implicit/differential/action approach/deliberate coaching, FH).“ (Henseling, M./Maric, R.: Fußball durch Fußball. Göttingen 2015) Wide focus weiterlesen

Deliberate play

„For children in the age between six and eleven years, it has been demonstrated in various studies that their game intelligence – and thus their strategic and tactical understanding – are strongly developed if they do not specialize in a sport at an early stage. Instead, when the practice in different sportsgames without instructions (deliberate play)“. (Henseling, M./Maric, R.: Fußball durch Fußball. Göttingen 2015) Deliberate play weiterlesen


Die Idee vom „Einschleifen“ der „richtigen Technik“ ist immer noch eine häufige Vorstellung im Tennistraining. Auf www.innercoaching-Blog.de zeigen wir anhand von Studien, Beispielen aus der Praxis und vielen Drills, dass es bessere Wege des Tennis Lehren und Lernens gibt. Einer der Pflastersteine auf diesem Weg ist das „differenzielle Lernen“. Es lohnt sich wieder einmal der Blick über den Tellerrand zu den Fußballern. Marco Henseling hat in dem Blog spielverlagerung.de einen übersichtlichen und gut verständlichen Artikel geschrieben.

Die differenzielle Lernmethode

Differencial learning

Differential learning:
You have walked only on all fours and now you want to learn to walk on two legs? Then you could proceed like this:
Plan A:
You are looking for a straight line on level ground and a target you want to go to (see graphic) and now you always go from a starting point to a destination point and so on.

Or you can go like this: Differencial learning weiterlesen

Differenzielles Lernen

Differenzielles Lernen:

Sie sind bisher nur auf allen Vieren gelaufen und wollen nun das zweibeinige Gehen lernen. Dann könnten Sie so vorgehen:

Plan A:

Sie suchen sich eine gerade Strecke auf ebenem Untergrund und ein Ziel, zu dem Sie gehen möchten (s. Grafik) und gehen nun immer von Startpunkt zu Zielpunkt.

Oder Sie gehen so vor: Differenzielles Lernen weiterlesen

Serve around the world

Different learning seems the best way to learn tennis. in closed situations, like the service, there are a lot of ideas, but they are not complete. Shaun Sharp, tennis coach in the Meehan Tennis Academy in Melbourne has developed and experienced with drills that are based on serving from different positions and different targets.

The link to more

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Outside the box

A look outside the box into volleyball. Dr. Carl McGown, one of the world’s most influential coaches, has died in the US. I have already reported on this. At this point I will not point out his many successes. Perhaps without knowing it, every coach of the world of volleyball applies his knowledge and not only volleyball coaches benefit from the knowledge that comes back to Carl McGown. I have also called on him in this blog several times. Outside the box weiterlesen

Service implicit

Shaun Sharp born in Heidelberg, Australia ;-), working  as tennis coach at the Meehan Tennis Academy in Melbourne, Australia, describes an implicit drill do improve and develop the service:

„I’ve been doing a serving drill where players serve from various positions in court, to varying targets….normally not to service boxes, and allow the students to work out how to serve ball to each target….
Via exploration and some visual or verbal instruction the students are able to discover how to best achieve the goal that is set.
It enables the kids to practice the flat serve, slice serve and kick serve without any explicit instructions….and kids are able to solve the motor problems themselves.“