Praise the error

„The ability to stop and consider a response, to use the experience of a wrong choice as a guide in making the next decision, relates to executive functions (…). Learning from our mistakes is profoundly important in everyday life, and Hillman’s study shows that exercise – or at least the resulting fitness levels – can have a powerful impact on the fundamental skill.“ (out of Ratey, J. „Spark“, 2008, p 26)

One dimension game

In the one-dimensional games, the focus is on a particular block of tactics (see the gap …). Specific frames and conditions guarantee a game in small, manageable teams, on different goals, in different designed gameareas and with certain rules to allow recurring game situations with a high number of repetitions.

This is done in terms of implicit learning. The children should learn, without explicit coaching interventions from the coach. creatively and thereby surprisingly
for the opponent, effective, efficient, and targeted to solve game situations.

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Über den Tellerrand… Spielerisches Lernen und frühzeitige Spezialisierung

Marco Henseling beschäftigt sich in seinem Beitrag auf mit spielorientiertem Training im Nachwuchsbereich des Fußballs. Sein Artikel beschreibt die Bedeutung des spielerischen Lernens anhand der Entwicklung von Kindern und Jugendlichen. In der folgenden Grafik macht er noch einmal deutlich, welche Konsequenzen die frühzeitige Spezialisierung auf eine Sportart für den Athleten haben kann.

Grafik 9, Entwicklungsmodell sportlicher Betätigung

Teaching Tactical Creativity – Dr. Daniel Memmert

This is a link to an interview with Dr. Daniel Memmert, who is a Professor and head of the Institute of Cognitive and Team/Racket Sport Research at the German sport University of Cologne.  Published on footblogball.

„An isolated technical training only results in the problem that techniques cannot be related to situations and therefore a tactic cannot be trained. We know from studies that technical training is not as effective as combined technical-perception training and cannot be applied as variable. It is important that children Teaching Tactical Creativity – Dr. Daniel Memmert weiterlesen