Differencial learning (DL) in tennis. DL is essential to INNER COACHING (TMS). Science and evidence based.

This is a drill to improve the tennis forehand. The method is differencial and includes tactical variation. Right-handed player holds an object in his left hand and has to step around a mark after every hit. She is playing the ball with the forehand inside-out. Coach can set a target in the opponents field. Differencial learning means to avoid repetition, to use variations and provoke fluctuations.

Die Tennis Bibel

„Die sportwissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse der letzten Jahre sind aktuell im Prozess, den Tennissport nach und nach zu erreichen und zu professionalisieren. Es ist Ihre Entscheidung, ob sie auf das Boot aufsteigen und ihre Spieler mitnehmen, oder sich lieber am Rettungsring des „Das war schon immer so“ festhalten wollen, während Ihre Spieler untergehen“ …ein Blogbeitrag von Niklas Grimm für Die Tennis Bibel weiterlesen

The contextual interference effect in learning a violin or golf

„The fact is, repeated information does not receive the same amount of processing as new information,“ Carter said. „And on some level, we all know this. Constant repetition is boring and our boredom is telling us that our brains are not engaged.“ (Sam Weinman)

Make it „dirty“

„So, some advice to coaches: as long as your athletes are working hard, let them struggle. Stay away from keeping everything so clean, tidy, and controlled. Furthermore, visit them in the place of struggle. Realize you may be uncomfortable as well. Its may look like a mess, but over time it will take shape.“ (Tim Mayotte)

Tim Mayottes text is about coaches and players coming out of the comfort zone and making coaching playful and „dirty“. This must – hope Tim would agree – lead to implicit coaching and nonlinear pedagogy. The summary of evidence based coaching in INNER COACHING (TMS).

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