Lost in translation

Hey Coaches.

Auf meinem Blog www.innercoaching-blog.de beschreibe ich den „constraints led approach“ im Lernen von Technik und Taktik im Sport als den besten und wissenschaftlich fundiertesten Zugang zum effektiven und nachhaltigen Lernen. Constraints led coaching steht in engem Zusammenhang mit einer „non-linear pedagogy“. Beide Begriffe lassen sich nur schwer ins Deutsche übersetzen. Ich finde in der wissenschaftlichen Literatur  keine passende Übersetzung. Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen? Vielen Dank

Hi coaches.

In my blog I describe the“constraints led approach“ in learning and improving skills in sports as an evidence based approach for effectiv and sustainable learning. Constraints led coaching is connected with „non-linear pedagogy“. I can’t find no translation into german for both. Any ideas? THX

This looks easy….

This might look easy, …

but the constraints led approach in coaching is a lot of preparation and a lot of knowledge about learning principles.

In this videos, Mark Upton and colleagues talk about creating an instability in the learner and the advantages of implicit learning.

drowningintheshallow – Educational Blog with a focus on PE and Sport

Think differently

We have talked a lot about non-linear pedagogy in modern ways to teach skills in many sports. This is very often a view on the details of helping young and older players to improve their expertise in their games.

The following article by Wayne Goldsmith sets a brighter view on the pathway coaches, society and sports industry seem to go. Goldsmith describes that there is something wrong with this idea of a defined „sports pathway“. There is, as we have recognized in coaching skills and tactics, nothing linear.

This is something very important that influences our view on our sport and on our clients!

As in particular (in trainings and coaching) we need a global view: „You’ve got to start again and think differently.“

The Sport Pathway – Has Lost its Path.