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How to get a better coach

„… a broad range of methods of development across the coaches, such as coaching courses, academic qualifications, playing and coaching experience, reading, and so on, and that there was a genuine desire among all of the coaches to become better and continually improve.“ (Andy Abraham, Developing expert coaches requires expert coach development: Replacing serendipity with orchestration. Research Gate 2009)

Security and inertia

“Instead of allowing in new thoughts and trying something different they do what all the others do. Then they feel that they cannot be wrong. The Swedish words for security and inertia (trygghet och tröghet) sound very alike and what is reassuring is often too slow and difficult to change. This is often reinforced by players who become coaches and coaches who become managers. So it is often people with the same experiences that control operations in our football clubs”. (Per-Göran Fahlström, Footblogball interview January 2016)

You are a coach? are a coach?

You think, that communication with your players is a requirement for understanding players and their goals, making practice plans together and then giving advices? Me too!

But there is something, that makes me wonder: in the beginning of every coaching unit, I ask the players: „What should we practise special today?“ You are a coach? weiterlesen