Differencial learning

Differential learning:
You have walked only on all fours and now you want to learn to walk on two legs? Then you could proceed like this:
Plan A:
You are looking for a straight line on level ground and a target you want to go to (see graphic) and now you always go from a starting point to a destination point and so on.

Or you can go like this:Plan B
1. You go around corners
2. You go forward and backwards and sideways
3. When walking, you swing your arms forward and backward or up and down
4. You go over obstacles
5. You go on soft, hard, on wet, on dry, on level, on uneven ground
6. You walk on sand, on earth, on asphalt, ….
7. You go with a „supporter“ on one hand, then on the other hand
8. You go alternately with small, large steps
9. ….

Plan B is called „differential learning“ or „non-linear pedagogy“. Could be exhausting and demands a „leaving the comfort zone“. You are (apparently) faster with Plan A at the target point and learn more quickly „going straight“. Plan B, however, leads to stable, variable, safe and „self-conscious“ walking.

(Original artwork by Mark Sullivan at https://footblogball.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/the-race-to-the-bottom-adventures-in-early-and-earlier-talent-id/)

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