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Change rules – a double drill

Playing the game with rules outside the rules brings players in a situation where they have to solve problems outside the manifested behaviour. We can manipulate court size, rules, time, counting, context of the game and other settings surrounding the game. This improves tactics and skills. In this double drill players have to adapt the direction of the service, the return in a double, the netplay and particularly in the teamwork collusion between server and netplayer.

„No limits“ – double drill

The double field is enlarged behind the base line to the fence that surrounds the court (yellow lines). Draw additional lines from base-/doubleline to the fence

Drill to improve tactics, reaction, court recovery in doubles, dialogue, special skills like volley (topspin), withstanding high pressure and playing lob and smash.

And a lot of fun 🙂 .




Half fielders – double drill

Nonlinear pedagogy in tennis coaching. Developing and improving double skills and tactics. This drill should lead to a better view on cross court play in a double. This is helpful for a greater variation in tactics from serving, returning to using the volley and lobs.

Nonlineare Pädagogik im Tennistraining. Eine Übung zur Entwicklung eines erfolgreichen Doppelspiels durch die Ermöglichung eines veränderten Blicks auf die Bedeutung des Crossspiels im Doppel und die sich daraus ergebenden Varianten in der Taktik. Aus den veränderten Rahmenbedingungen ergibt sich ein impliziter Zugang zum Aufschlag, Stellungssspiel und Einsatz des Volley im Doppel.

Implicit double drills

Louis Cayer is one of the Double Coaching Gurus in the world. This presentation is from the 2015 LTA Coaches’ Conference at the National Tennis Centre in London, England. This is an on-court presentation by Louis Cayer and Simon Wheatley Helped by Neal and Ken Skupski, giving clarity and awareness to tactical framework and an emphasis on net play. This presentation showcases a number of drills that work neutral, offensive and defensive skills. Some of the drills are implicit and especially the drills starting at 30′ are differencial (standing on one feet, standing with crossed legs,….)