Stop and go

Here is a nice tennis specific warm-up drill. We use neurological findings, when players are asked to talk, while playing rallies. We know these phenomens from the „Ham-Sa-Mantra-Drill“ or from the „Hopp-Hit-Drill“. This improves concentration, rhythm, and has the positive effects of a „Trick-the-mind-Drill“ where we want to avoid thinking about the technique.

Play rallies with you partner from the service-line. Stop and control the ball with one side (for example with the forehand), let it jump and play it over the net with the other side (if you have stopped the ball with the forehand, then play it to your partner with the backhand, etc). Say „Stop“, when you stop the ball with your racket, say „and“, when the ball bounces and „go“, when you play the ball to your partner.


Stop and play with the same side

Stop and then play a halfvolley (with the same side or with the other side)

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