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The psychological consequences of explicit learning

In our view, for successful competitors it makes a difference, if we work in practice with explicit technical instructions or whether we „develop“ a suitable technique with the player on implicit tasks!

So far we have drawn attention to the benefits of individual and creative problem solving and the sustainability of a player on implicit technology development.

In our view, there is a more significant difference, which speaks for the implicit method. In the explicit teaching methodology the player learns the technique of a stroke from the perspective of the coach (and out of textbooks), which is connected to certain predetermined sequences (backswing, impact movement, movement to the ball, ….). Surely, there are more open and closer interpretations by explicitly working coaches. The psychological consequences of explicit learning weiterlesen

„Every little helps, or sucks“

This graphic shows a very interesting point of the complexity of tennis! (Thanks to for this). It shows, that little changes in the timing of a tennis stroke may change your whole game.

Thinking back to studies about „Choking under pressure“, we „know“, that using the prefrontal cortex and thinking about the process of a stroke will slow the execution of your move and may lead to a discrepancy to the optimal hit. It is then nearly impossible, to hit the ball like you would do without thinking! I remember a study, that shows clear temporal lags!