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Blocked vs random practice!Carl McGown, AVCA Hall of Famer

„The random versus blocked practice methods represent a fundamental paradox regarding athletic performance during training and subsequent performance during competition. Based on performance measurements during practice, blocked activities, in which athletes repeatedly rehearse the same task, result in superior performance during the training session. In comparison, performing tasks and skills in random order decreases skill acquisition during training. Consequently, based on measurement of performance effects during practice, many coaches and players believe that blocked practice is superior to random practice. Such a conclusion however, mistakenly assumes a positive correlation between performance in practice and long-term skill retention. The paradox arises from the fact Play the game weiterlesen


There are a lot of disciplines in science that are evidence based. But not so in coaching motor skills. In the following article Bain and Mc Gown show, that there is still a methodical traditionalism that ignores evidence based research.Carl McGown, AVCA Hall of Famer

Bain/McGown use three questions from an article that recommends the use of part to whole progressions and they show the evidence based error:
1. Is it always better to teach skills to players of all levels strictly by repetition of the whole skill?
2. Is it appropriate for younger players or players that have not yet imprinted proper motor patterns to learn skills by performing only part of the skill?
3. Should a distinction be made for what training methods are appropriate for more advanced players as compared to players in
their early years of training?