Implicit learning

Michael Case, cricket game instructor, shows in a video, „how catching can be changed from an explicit coaching to an implicit coaching style.“ Thank you Michael!

Beside describing implicit learning we find several other aspects in this example from cricket and catching coaching, we use in INNER COACHING (TMS) to make learning faster, easier and more resistant:

external focus: instead of focusing on his body the catcher is focused on the ball. Changing the general conditions by throwing the ball short and deep enables the catcher to find his individual solution for an upcoming problem.

„Trick the mind“: concentration on the ball distracts the catcher from thinking about the motion. From researchs about „choking under pressure“ we have learned, that using the prefrontal cortex can choke the access to automated motion solutions or to motion transfers.

theory of systems, self-organization-ability and self-efficacy: the catcher is capable to find, by himself, an solution for the problem.

praise the error: errors are necessary

we can find other aspects of IC (TMS) and we could add some to this nice example, like using music, metaphers and analogies, playable variants.


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