The Myth of the correct technique

Tomaz MencingerTomaz Mencinger, a colleague working as a tennis coach in slovenia, has very often interesting posts on his webside This time he wrote a nice article about „the myth of the correct technique“ and connected his thoughts with videos of Roger Federers forehand and more. Exciting the quote of Rafa Nadal:

„From the moment the ball is in motion, it comes at you at an infinitesimal number of angles and speeds; with more topspin, or backspin, or flatter, or higher. The differences might be minute, microscopic, but so are the variations your body makes–shoulders, elbow, wrists, hips, ankles, knees–in every shot.

And there are so many other factors–the weather, the surface, the rival. No ball arrives the same as another; no shot is identical.“ (Rafael Nadal)

His conclusion is mine: to learn tennis means to learn „the natural way“, what we meanwhile have checked as evidence-based!

The Myth Of Correct Tennis Technique


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