„Targets“ – new drill

Here is a new variation of the Inner Coaching Drill „Targets„:

Target_2Set different coloured marks on the courtside of player B. The blue one in the deuce-court, the yellow one in the add-court, in the near of the baseline. Mark a line on the other courtside, one big step from the baseline, so that you have a targetfield between baseline and the marked line.

Player B has to play the ball into the targetfield. Player A plays his ball in the near of the announced coloured targets.

The coach announces where A has to play his balls: „blue“ or „yellow“.  He changes the target after a short time.  He gives feedback. when B’s ball hits the targetfield.

In a variation, B announces, to which target A has to play.

Playing on targets uses the virtues of an external focus and forces the player to play constantly in the same direction, with a length set. This supports the concentration on the essentials. Playing on the targetfield shows the players also how important and at the same time difficult it is, to play the balls with a constant length.

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