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Peace of cake 2

Constraints led coaching: modify court-size.

(This drill is created by Chris Koehler, TMS Coach)

A and B play rallies. The size of court is modified (picture). This makes a difference and forces both players to a modified view on the game and on tactic.

You can play matches in the violet court or in the yellow court (advanced players). Picture 1 is for warm-up in the service-fields.

Players are forced to to overthink their strategies. Peace of cake 2 weiterlesen


Ein Drill zum Einspielen und Warm-Up im Kleinfeld (von T-Linie zu T-Linie). In Partnerarbeit oder in Spielformen.

Spieler*in A und B spielen Ballwechsel von der T-Linie. Nach Kommando des Trainers greifen die Spieler*innen den Schläger „kurz“ (am Schlägerhals) oder „lang“ (am Schlägergriff).

Schläger „lang“, racket „long“
Schläger „kurz“. racket „short“

Diese Übung greift auf das differenzielle Lernen zurück.

This is a drill for warm-up and starting practice.

Player A and B play rallies from the service-line. After the coaches call they play with a „short“-held racket (or with a „long“-held racket.

You can play with your partner or play points.