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Start now….

These are strange times… No teamsport, no activities in the sportscentre and in your sportsclub. Thats why there are less posts in my inner coaching blog in the moment.

There are some physical activities and only a few sports we can play in these corona pandemie and in the shutdown. But this has not so much to do with Inner coaching in sports, because the goal, when we spend most of our time at home, is to move. We don’t think about the best methods to develop technical and tactical skills. (May be this is the time to recover a street culture, where we use the urban space for free playing without instruction and recovering creativity).

One sport we can play in the crisis is the new sport from Switzerland: Street Racket. You find a lot of information, videos on the homepage of my TMS Tennis School and on Street Racket Switzerland. This game can be played in the smallest area, in hundred of variations. Have a look and play.

We are back soon!