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Prognosis error

There is a relationship between motivation, willingness to learn and the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is released when an unexpected sense of achievement (under voluntary conditions!) is  „self-caused.“ The bigger the dopamine boost, the greater the prognosis error“, for example the difference between expectation of success and the positive event. This raises the stakes for a repeat of the experience and for more positive events.If I play a forehand ball unexpectedly with high speed and high accuracy at a target (see IC Drill „targets“), unexpected success and the dopamine boost motivate me, to repeat this.In animal experiments, it was found that rats overcome with a high level of dopamine barriers to come to a larger reward, while animals with a lower dopamine levels go the easier route and are satisfied with of the smaller reward.

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Skoaching „Targets“

Mit „Targets“ kommt gleich der nächste Inner Coaching Drill im Skoaching-Format. Diesmal geht es um das Spielen auf Ziele und die Erkenntnis, dass ein externer Fokus motorisches Lernen leichter macht, als die Fokussierung auf Körperbewegungen.

„Targets“ is the next Inner Coaching Drill in Skoaching format. This time its about playing on goals and the realization that an external focus makes motor learning easier than focusing on your body.

Made by Frercks Hartwig und Lars Hipp, supported by HEAD.