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Observers view

Perhaps you are wondering what the key difference is between a non-linear understanding of learning and a traditional „if-then“ teaching.

The questions from (insecure) participants in my lectures and practical demonstrations often went in the direction: „How do I  mediate/teach the right technique, if I only work implicitly as coach?“.

These questions made it clear that a non-linear and implicit understanding of teaching and learning is a completely different point of view for the coach (see chart). In contrast to the traditional methodology, in which the view of the coach is directed towards the development of the „right technique“, the coach in a non-linear setting trusts in the ability of the biological system „human being“ to self-directed development of situation-adapted (technical) solutions.

So this is a radical paradigm shift! Observers view weiterlesen

Why we do something and believe it is „good“… (…while it is not)

It might be helpful for coaches, if they believe, that they know, what they are doing. Then they can answer the question „why they do something, like they do it“. If that, what coaches do, has the effect they expect, this means, it must be „good“ for the client and naturally for the coach. But this is not reliable. What we believe in is a construction, that we attach to our view on the world and human nature and comes out of our individual experiences.

However, our players and clients are always different in their uniqueness and in the context of their referring system. In systemic consulting and training I’ve learned, that interventions of a coach can have exactly the opposite effect. Regardless of whether the coach can justify the action. Why we do something and believe it is „good“… (…while it is not) weiterlesen