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Focus on the score

Great book about Tennis psychology with a lot of drills. Most of them can be used in a constraints led approach. The following drill sets constraints by changing the rules for counting points. (Miguel Crespo, Machar Reid: Tennis Psychology, 200 + practical drills and the latest research. London 2006)

Players play points from the baseline:
-the first point played counts as 1 point
-the second and third point count as 2 points each
-the fourth and fifth point count as 3 points each
-the sixth and the seventh point count as 4 points each
-the eighth and ninth points played count as 5 points each
-the tenth point played counts as 6 points.
Players play 2 sets of 10 points. The same player serves throughout the set.


Konzentrier Dich!

Demonstration des Stroop-Effekts (Animation)

A nice test for the ability to concentrate is the „Stroop Test“, named after the psychologist Ridley Stroop (see picture above text). Heiko Ernst finds in Psychology Today, Issue 2/2014, five factors that are important for the focus on the essentials.“ In his article, Ernst notes, among other things, that in the modern information society concentration is increasingly difficult.

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