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„Do what I want…“, or the misunderstanding of teaching

„Now, if you do not swing your racket properly, then you have to run two laps around the court!“

„If you do not hit like I just told you, then you have to do four push-ups!“
These coaches instructions are actual. Could have been yesterday. Either I hear them from colleagues on the neighboring court or children, having changed club or training group, tell me about their experiences.

 Despite „Play and Stay philosophy“ and despite the generally accessible results of educational psychology and brain research again and again such „teaching ideas“ are happening in the training practice. Behind such strange teaching and learning ideas you can find the idea of ​​a textbook stroke technique.

With INNER COACHING (TMS) we try to show another way. The observation of „methodological traditionalism“ in the training practice in our environment makes us not close our eyes, that there are many factors for a successful (motion) learning. It plays an important role, whether the learner likes his coach and if the coach likes his students. His voice, his manner, his expertise, etc play a major role.

INNER COACHING (TMS) is  certainly not the only way to teach and learn tennis. Many roads lead to Rome and to a successful tennis game. But it seems to be a faster and more humane method, and it has simply something to do with our image of mankind and learning.

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