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Success breeds success?

“Success breeds success”? “Failure breeds failure”?

  golf_HHThis thesis comes from the social psychologist Albert Bandura. From his studies and his theory of self-efficacyhe drew the conclusion that a successful athletic performance boosts self-confidence to the athletes and thus leads to a further improvement in the current challenge or at the next. We then talk about Success breeds success? weiterlesen

Konzentrier Dich!

Demonstration des Stroop-Effekts (Animation)

A nice test for the ability to concentrate is the „Stroop Test“, named after the psychologist Ridley Stroop (see picture above text). Heiko Ernst finds in Psychology Today, Issue 2/2014, five factors that are important for the focus on the essentials.“ In his article, Ernst notes, among other things, that in the modern information society concentration is increasingly difficult.

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