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Training the Gap Conference

How I would like to be there and listen to all those sportsmen and experts of motor learning. May be another day…

Trevor Ragan gave me the chance to ask some questions, that could be answered at the conference! This are my questions:

  • „Do you think, we need „evidence based“ coaching?“
  • „What could be universal principles in motor learning or should we have a different look to any kind of sport?“
  • „And when, what could be „universal principles in learning tennis?“
  • „In a sport with high demands in coordination, do we have to coach the technique (first) or can we trust in the self-organization abilities of the players? There seems to be an accordance in science for good players, but not for beginners.“

This one goes in the same direction:

  • „Do we need to coach skills explicit or is using implicit learning more evident, like a lot of studies affirm?“