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The beauty of targets

Brenton Jon Bakker worked as Tennis Coach in Japan. He recognized, that believing in the self-organization-ability of the player by using and setting targets gives the coach time to work on the players strategy. In his view, tennis has become too technical. A longer version of his position in

„In Japan I learned the IMPORTANCE of targets. I would set targets down or create “ target areas “ that were specific to my player, and in my experience over time, even with minimal correction, the player made the necessary technical adjustments and when they made the adjustments, they stuck. They learned it for themselves, it was ingrained into their muscle memory by a formula of continual repetition. For example, if my player was having trouble keeping a good depth on the ball, then I would set up target areas deep in the court, or if they had trouble with topspin I would set the targets up short and angled away.“