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Read and doubt… Keys to be a better coach.

„So if you want to be a better coach“
Cliff Mallett, Professor of Sport Psychology and Coaching, University of Queensland, Australia

In the last post, I have talked about what it means to be a coach, faced to self-doubt and to live with the feeling of constantly working on myself, to win and to fail and to change.

A new study suggests keys for being a better coach:

  • READ a lot – if you got this far you’re off to a good start, if you didn’t get this far, forget it you are never going to make it – the best academics are trying to write in more accessible language. Personally I quite like the challenge of coming across words I don’t understand – it happens a lot – I’m always learning. Also check out videos and webinars and take any opportunity to talk about this stuff.
  • Devote some time to getting to know ‘you’ and be open to change – this can be painstaking, confronting and time-consuming but it’s probably the single most important area of personal development and absolutely essentially to coaching. Check out books by Steven Covey and Brené Brown as good starting points.
  • Finally, the aim should always be to get to know your athletes better. This requires real care, empathy and time. It’s not about statistics, it’s being open to research from psychology, sociology, pedagogy, motivation and human development, among many other areas of study. It’s about being open minded and open to change.

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