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Count to ten…

The following exercise is one of my favorites in tennis training (if you want to hear nice background music while reading, then just start the video above):

A and B play forehand from the add-court (inside-out) into the other add-court.  Every ball in the goal they count out loud! A starts and counts „1“, B plays the ball back and, according to hitting in the goal „2“, and so on. Making an error, they start counting again from „0“. It is important that both players count out loud („focus on the essentials“)!

Although playing only in one half of the court,  the exercise is very intense and requires a consistently high level of concentration.


  • with lefthanders, forehand is played first from deuce-court and then changed sides
  • first ball does not count
  • enlarge the target field: goal is one half of the double field
  • decrease the target field, for example, ball must be played over service line
  • count only strokes played with the forehand,
  • in a group of four: A and B play forehand cross, C and D play forehand inside-out
  • upon reaching a predetermined number of goals, the ball is „free“ and the point is played in the whole court (in groups with four in one half of the court)
  • the ball is played in by the coach
  • A and B give in in exchange the predetermined number of strokes (for example: A says „5“, then after 5 goals they play the point)
  • do it with music !!!

Die folgende Übung gehört zu meinen Lieblingsübungen im Tennistraining (wenn Ihr beim Lesen auch noch schöne Begleitmusik hören möchtet, dann startet doch einfach das youtube-Video):

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