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Facebook groups in good discussions

There are very good discussions in some facebook groups about non linear (implicit) and linear (explicit) coaching in tennis. While we have a lot of studies about implicit learning in sports like basketball, cricket and volleyball, there is still a lack of targeted research in tennis. At the same time accustomed truths beginn to waver. Methodical traditionalism with clear statement to „technique coaching first“ is no more the only way to coach, yes it is heavily critisized.  Action approach and game based learning are essential elements in the Play and Stay concept of the ITF and of national tennis associations all over the world with changing constraints like balls, fields, rackets, rules and more. But there is coming up a confrontation between the representatives of a „both is possible“ and those who plead for the purity of implicit learning.

In any case there are some clues that indicate the need to overthink traditional explicit coaching that has a primarly focus on the players technique. Facebook groups in good discussions weiterlesen


Marco Henseling ( hat sich auch die Mühe gemacht und sich mit meiner grafischen Darstellung der Grundgedanken im INNER COACHING (TMS) befasst. Die  von mir veröffentliche Darstellung war eine Sammlung von Stichwörtern zum Lehren und Lernen im Sport unter Einbeziehung neuer wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse. Henseling hat die Darstellung weiterentwickelt und damit eine für viele andere Leser*innen wohl verständlichere Darstellungsform vorgeschlagen: