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Game based approach – a review

Paul Kinnerk, Stephen Harvey, Ciarán MacDonncha & Mark Lyons haben sich einen Überblick verschafft über verschiedene Studien zum Spielorientierten Lernen im Sport (GBA – game-based-approach). Die Überprüfung der Literatur zum spielorientierten Lernen  im Wettkampf- und Mannschaftssport zeige, dass die  GBA in der Entwicklung der Sportler in Entscheidungsfindung und taktischer Kreativität unterstützt. Dank an Chris Lewit, der mich auf diesen Artikel aufmerksam gemacht hat.

A Review of the Game-Based Approaches to Coaching Literature in Competitive Team Sport Settings

Paul Kinnerk, Stephen Harvey, Ciarán MacDonncha & Mark Lyons have reviewed various studies on Game-based Approach in Sports (GBA). The review of the literature on game-oriented learning in competition and team sports shows that the GBA supports the development of athletes in decision-making and tactical creativity. Thanks to Chris Lewit who drew my attention to this article.

Open minds to open skills by D. Rosenbaum

Open minds to open skills – some considerations that model the philosophy of our tennis program. By Daniel Rosenbaum*

A wonderful and must read article. Rosenbaum shows that the role of the coach has changed from „showing how to do it right“ to a guidance and learning process manager. Also the „learning process“ itself has changed from „practice mode“ with the focus on the technique of skills thought as the basis to play the game to a „game mode“ with a lot more tools than traditional approach from the beginning.

Open minds to open skills (pdf)

*“Daniel L. Rosenbaum is a Wingate Institute and ITF Level 2 Coach with a Social Sciences bachelor degree from the University of Sao Paulo. During a long and successful career he has done a lot in the Tennis industry and makes a strong contribution to enrich and improve players and coaches. Since 1982 he has been working at all the levels designing and implementing tennis programs for young beginners, adults, juniors and professional players, promoting the game and the participation in sport. As an assistant, speaker and producer, Daniel has participated in several national and international tennis courses, conferences and workshops; has been conducting more then 200 coaches courses and is responsible for thousands of certifications
Among many activities he founded with Carlos Kirmayr and coordinated the Coaches Education Department for the Brazilian Tennis Confederation and directed the Achievement Program at the Israel Tennis Centers.“

Coaching technique

‚Technique coaching, I’ve never done with Andy before – zero … because I believe that it simply does not bring anything belendltween 27 and 29. On the other hand, because I’m lousy in technical training.‘

Nicely put to the point by Ivan Lendl, the coach of the world number one Andy Murray. Whether he argues in the sense of our coaching philosophy of INNER COACHING, perhaps a daring presumption. Nevertheless, the quotation says a lot and supports our methodological approach: game-oriented and action-oriented instead of technology-oriented.

„Techniktraining? Habe ich mit Andy noch nie gemacht – null….Zum einen, weil ich daran glaube, dass es zwischen 27 uns 29 schlichtweg nichts mehr bringt. Zum anderen, weil ich mies im Techniktraining bin.“

Schön auf den Punkt gebracht von Ivan Lendl, dem Coach des Weltranglistenersten Andy Murray. Ob er damit im Sinne unserer Trainingsphilosophie des INNER COACHING argumentiert, wäre vielleicht eine gewagte Vermutung. Dennoch sagt das Zitat etwas aus und unterstützt unsere methodische Vorgehensweise: spiel- und handlungsorientiert statt technikorientiert.