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Different Balls

This morning I had a tennis-lesson with a woman that comes nearly every week, just to play rallies and to improve her game by playing. In my ball-caddy were the balls we used to play with in the last week in our kids-camps and also the balls we usually play with in the training with our pros.

It was a great experience to play with different balls, some jumping very high, some standing nearly still. This forced us to react to the different „behaviour“ of different balls. We had to be „fast on our feet“, we had to differentiate our racketswing and more. After a while, I additionally set targets into the field („forehand cross“, pylons, etc).

This drill is a characteristic Inner Coaching Drill. I don’t have to tell the player anything, except the task. The solutions come out of the terms of the task. This drill could also be a element in differencial teaching and learning. If I additionally set an extern focus this must be the optimal way to develop a successful tennis play.