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Game based approach – a review

Paul Kinnerk, Stephen Harvey, Ciarán MacDonncha & Mark Lyons haben sich einen Überblick verschafft über verschiedene Studien zum Spielorientierten Lernen im Sport (GBA – game-based-approach). Die Überprüfung der Literatur zum spielorientierten Lernen  im Wettkampf- und Mannschaftssport zeige, dass die  GBA in der Entwicklung der Sportler in Entscheidungsfindung und taktischer Kreativität unterstützt. Dank an Chris Lewit, der mich auf diesen Artikel aufmerksam gemacht hat.

A Review of the Game-Based Approaches to Coaching Literature in Competitive Team Sport Settings

Paul Kinnerk, Stephen Harvey, Ciarán MacDonncha & Mark Lyons have reviewed various studies on Game-based Approach in Sports (GBA). The review of the literature on game-oriented learning in competition and team sports shows that the GBA supports the development of athletes in decision-making and tactical creativity. Thanks to Chris Lewit who drew my attention to this article.

Targets IV

Posted by Matt Kuzdub on Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

Nice drill, posted by Matt Kuzdub. By itself and with some variations, this is also a good exercise to improve decision making and executive functions. By the way we can use it as „Trick the mind“-Drills to improve mental strength.

1. set target on both sides;
2. use targets in different colours (f.e. one red and one white):
a) player announces the target before hitting the ball („red“ or „white“);
b) coach announces the target (colour);
c) player or coach uses animal names for the targets (red=“tiger“; white=“cheetah“)
d) coach or player announces target (colour) and speed or spin (f.e. „red-topspin“ or „red-save“, ….)
e) player or coach announces target (animal) and uses another animal name for spin or ball height (f.e. „snake=flat“, „giraffe= high over the net“), then f.e. „tiger-snake“ or „tiger-giraffe“,….