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Constraints and Differential learning, some keys

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ask for feedback

be patient

create a level of instability

don’t talk too much – concentration is silent

explicit coaching leads to breakdown under pressure

freedom to create

give back autonomy to the athlete

human systems theory

implicit coaching improves problem solving and decision making

kill, no, don’t kill creativity by setting clear textbook structures

love your stuff

minimal constraint means maximal influence

„Targets“ – new drill

Here is a new variation of the Inner Coaching Drill „Targets„:

Target_2Set different coloured marks on the courtside of player B. The blue one in the deuce-court, the yellow one in the add-court, in the near of the baseline. Mark a line on the other courtside, one big step from the baseline, so that you have a targetfield between baseline and the marked line.

Player B has to play the ball into the targetfield. Player A plays his ball in the near of the announced coloured targets.

The coach announces where A „Targets“ – new drill weiterlesen

Konzentrier Dich!

Demonstration des Stroop-Effekts (Animation)

A nice test for the ability to concentrate is the „Stroop Test“, named after the psychologist Ridley Stroop (see picture above text). Heiko Ernst finds in Psychology Today, Issue 2/2014, five factors that are important for the focus on the essentials.“ In his article, Ernst notes, among other things, that in the modern information society concentration is increasingly difficult.

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