Paradoxical service intervention

The following paradoxical intervention can help players, who serve the ball very often too long: „Play your serve a few times so, that it jumps in your own field, in front of the net and goes over the net after the bounce. After some services, play again directly into the service court!

If the player serves very often into the net, the following paradoxical intervention can be a good support: „Play your service in the area between service- and baseline!“ or play your service directly to the baseline!„. By changing the tasks, this changes movement and body awareness. The player has an aha“ experience, which can be transferred to the original task and the game in the normal service field. Pursuant to Inner Coaching, optimizing the movement is an effect of changing the external focus without corrections on the technique and without too much talking 😉.

Set targets and place a cone where you want the player to serve to!

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