stockTalking about differencial learning (DL) I have no problems to use this in a trainings with players over ten years. Some drills out of DL you can see on our youtube channel.

Today the kids (group with kids from 7 to 9 years) gave me an idea to use the DL in tennis10s. One of my favourite metaphers or analogies in coaching kids is the „tiger“-metapher: standing like a tiger and waiting to catch the „loot“, what means to attack, to hit the ball and shout out loud like a tiger, what gives them an imagination of the tennis basic position.

Today, some of the kids were a bit tired and stood on the court like some old men, using their racket like a walking stick. That inspired me to tell them, to stand like „an old man/woman“, using the racket like a „walking stick for elderly people“. This task made, from the first moment, a big difference to nearly everything we had done before! Apart from that it had a special motivation for the kids!

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