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Power of differences

This presentation shows you new ways of mediating sports games using the world of tennis, a racket game. In many game sports, especially in the technically demanding racket games, something like a methodical traditionalism still prevails. Current studies on motor learning show. that even the most difficult sports can be taught succesfully in a playful way and under varied constraints. The lecture describes scientific findings that result in completely new (evidence-based) ways of motor learning. This is shown using tennis with the possibility of transferring it to other sports. The presentation was part of the digital It`s my game conference 2021 by evolve9.


„For example, during basketball training you could always practice special throw types by repeating them in blocks until they fit perfectly. Or you could alternate the different throws (in front of the chest, overhead, one-handed) – which has a better effect. … In training it is still difficult to break away from thinking in blocks. „

Henning Beck: Das neue Lernen heißt Verstehen, Berlin 2020, S. 156 f


„Zum Beispiel könnte man beim Basketballtraining immer spezielle Wurftypen durch Wiederholungen blockweise üben, bis sie perfekt sitzen. Oder man könnte die verschiedenen Würfe (vor der Brust, über Kopf, einhändig) abwechseln – was einen besseren Effekt hat. … Im Trainingsalltag ist es immer noch schwierig, sich vom blockweisen Denken loszusagen.“

Henning Beck: Das neue Lernen heißt Verstehen, Berlin 2020, S. 156 f


“ I took this text from Game Project Changing. What you thing about this? This week I wanted to share a guest blog from our great friend Todd Beane from TOVO Academy in Sitges, Spain. Todd is a huge advocate for evidence based learning, and in the post below he highlights something we see a lot; two coaches side by side, one seemingly teaching masterfully and the other herding cats. Which group is learning? Here are Todd’s thoughts:

Two coaches, two teams. Two distinct trainings.



Repetition is not like repetition. To improve skills and creativity in problem solving in sports like tennis, we need more than hitting 10 000 hours the same ball in the same context. Differential learning gives us an idea how to make motor learning more effectiv and more fun! These are some examples how we can vary in coaching without the traditional imagination of repetition. Do it differential! (slides from my presentation „power of differences“ at the „It`s my game II“ conference.

„The purpose is to play the game!“

3 Essential Principles for Acquiring Skills in Practice. In this episode CLC covers 3 essential topics about skill acquistion. First, how practice is more than repetition. Second, context is king in transferring learning. Third, know if the goal is to learn or to perform and communicate it. We examine each one of these topics in depth and provide examples for how to apply them in practice.

May be some more on this point of creativity and motor learning: