Focuse to something else…

Ein interessanter Text zum Inner Coaching aus dem Schwimmsport:

Anchoring your Inner Resources: Anchors or triggers can help you quickly get in touch with your inner resources when you need them. It is a natural process of association which help you recall positive experiences.

•Identify an inner resource that would help you improve your Outer Game – e.g., determination, motivation, confidence, focus, calmness etc.
•Remember a time when you experienced that resource very strongly.
•Find something to use as an anchor to trigger that resource (object, mental picture, keyword etc).
•Step into the resourceful experience. See what you saw, Hear what you heard, Feel what you felt as clearly as you can.
•Break state – focus your attention to something else.
•Now, turn your attention on your anchor. You should immediately get the resourceful feeling back. If you do not, repeat step 4 a few more times.


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