Security and inertia

“Instead of allowing in new thoughts and trying something different they do what all the others do. Then they feel that they cannot be wrong. The Swedish words for security and inertia (trygghet och tröghet) sound very alike and what is reassuring is often too slow and difficult to change. This is often reinforced by players who become coaches and coaches who become managers. So it is often people with the same experiences that control operations in our football clubs”. (Per-Göran Fahlström, Footblogball interview January 2016)

Inner Coaching 1993

„The ideas about teaching and learning have changed dramatically over the past decades. For a long time, the view was that learners had to be „filled“ with knowledge and behavior „like by a funnel“. It is not uncommon to try to force this knowledge by force. But the times of supposedly unambiguous and non-questionable movement regulations are also a thing of the past in the technology transfer.

Serious teaching methods are geared to learners, their needs and interests. The 5-time Swedish Wimbledon winner Björn Borg has asked years ago: „Do not let yourself be influenced by rigorous tennis teacher rules. Discover your individual abilities, do not be afraid to experiment with anything that will benefit your game. “

(Stefan Schaffelhuber in: Inner Coaching, 1993)

Inner Coaching 1993

„Die Vorstellungen über Lehren und Lernen haben sich in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten gravierend gewandelt. Lange herrschte die Ansicht, dass Lernende „wie durch einen Trichter“ mit Wissen und Verhaltensweisen „gefüllt“ werden müssen. Nicht selten wurde sogar versucht, dieses Wissen mit Gewalt einzuflößen. Doch die Zeiten vermeintlich eindeutiger und nicht hinterfragbarer Bewegungsvorschriften sind auch bei der Technikvermittlung in den Rückschlagspielen vorbei.

Seriöse Unterrichtsmethoden orientieren sich an den Lernenden, an deren Bedürfnissen und Interessen. Der 5-malige schwedische Wimbledonsieger Björn Borg hat schon vor Jahren gefordert: „Lass‘ Dich nicht von rigorosen Tennislehrer-Regeln beeinflussen. Entdecke lieber Deine individuellen Fähigkeiten, habe keine Angst davor, mit allem herumzuexperimentieren, das Deinem Spiel zugute kommt.“

(Stefan Schaffelhuber: Innercoaching, Frankfurt 1993

The Myth of the correct technique

Tomaz MencingerTomaz Mencinger, a colleague working as a tennis coach in slovenia, has very often interesting posts on his webside feeltennis.net. This time he wrote a nice article about „the myth of the correct technique“ and connected his thoughts with videos of Roger Federers forehand and more. Exciting the quote of Rafa Nadal:

„From the moment the ball is in motion, The Myth of the correct technique weiterlesen