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Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Dear innercoaching-friends!

Another amazing year goes behind us. Days of change and inspiration. We developed new Inner Coaching Drills, skoacher Lars Hipp designed some nice videos and we began to make „life“-movies with drills.

We got new ideas and new impressions. They grew in conversatinos and discussions with the players: we were 365 days on the move.

See you here again!

„Be like water!“wh2014-vorne

Inner Coaching Drill: „Skiphigh“

Inner Coaching Drill is a video of TMS-the mobile tennis school. “Skiphigh” is an Inner coaching drill from differencial learning. More information on the scientific background, why we almost can entirely dispense on technique instructions in Inner Coaching and many other drills and instructions can be found on the blog

“Skiphigh” ist einer weiterer Drill aus dem Inner Coaching Inner Coaching Drill: „Skiphigh“ weiterlesen